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Proactive Parenting

It’s easy to label kids as “problem children” or “challenging”. But if kids knew how to behave in more appropriate ways, they would. Children don’t enjoy throwing tantrums or having meltdowns, they do it because they are lacking the skills that allow them to handle their frustrations in a calm and rational manner.

This is where Friend2Friend L.A. comes in. We all know that it’s completely normal and healthy to have feelings, but learning how to express those feelings, how to solve our problems, and communicate our wants and needs in appropriate ways takes practice. Sometimes, demands may be placed upon a child that they don’t know how to intuitively handle. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Those times when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, like when you’re running late for morning carpool and your child refuses to get dressed while the other kids are fighting over the last bagel. And we don’t always handle it in the best of ways. We try our best. We’ve had years of practice to fine-tune our problem-solving skills and emotional reactions to whatever life throws our way.

I hear from parents all the time: “I’ve read all the parenting books! I’ve used sticker charts up the wazoo! I take away privileges! Nothing works…I’ve tried everything!”
The problem with the endless cycle of reward and punishment is that it doesn’t actually teach our children the skills that they need.

Our goal at Friend2Friend L.A. is to take a more proactive approach to teach communication skills, emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, flexibility, adaptability, and social skills. We believe that if kids know how to do better, they will do better. Our groups and private sessions will work with your child on building their skill set in fun, creative ways…skills that they will learn how to use in their everyday lives. Skills that will teach them how to not punch their sibling when they are fighting over the last bagel before morning carpool.

Stay tuned for more on our blogs and parenting workshops that will take you through some simple steps to help you switch from reactive parenting to proactive parenting.

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